Test Their Logik G20 Update


Nearly five months after being charged with conspiracy and other indictable offences during Toronto’s G20 protests, both members of the southern Ontario hip-hop group Test Their Logik had their charges stayed and release conditions withdrawn. Although the prosecutor originally said the government would be seeking jail time, it turned out they had very little evidence and didn’t feel capable of bringing the case before a judge.

While asking to “stay” the charges, a move which still gives them a year to look for new evidence and re-open the case, the prosecutor told the judge, “We know they did it but we don’t have the proof.” This is a ridiculous assertion given that the main reason they were targeted and warrants were sent out for their hip-hop aliases is their music video “Crash The Meeting” that is still circulating on youtube.

There were over a thousand arrests and hundreds of charges brought against G20 resisters on little to no evidence. Like most charges relating to the G20, the charges against Testament and Illogik were targeted political repression not even perfunctorily disguised as an attempt to enact justice. The picture of Canada as a police state gone mad is growing ever clearer.

Unfortunately, though hundreds have had their charges dropped or stayed, several dozen still face very serious charges and need support urgently. It is more important than ever to donate to the legal defense of those still facing charges, and to show solidarity by any and all means. All proceeds from the Test Their Logik benefit album offered here two months ago will go to current G20 defendants.

As for Testament and Illogik, the two are now legally permitted to perform together, record together, and tour together. They are currently on tour in Mexico with Submedia promoting their music and the new film End Civ. In December they’ll be back in the studio working on their debut album which they hope to drop in early 2011. Test Their Logik knows they’ve got talented and amazing people who dig their music and are looking for solidarity and mutual aid in the following ways: cover art, audio mastering, publicity/promotion, MC’s/DJ’s/producers to remix songs and circulate different versions, European booking contacts for a european tour, and assistance setting up “legitimate” gigs in the U.S. so the border guards will let them in for a tour once they finish the album.