New Website, Convergence Report, Response to Repression


We’re delighted to unveil our latest project, the CrimethInc. Worker Bulletin Board. This website will function as a clearinghouse for bulletins from participating CrimethInc. cells, enabling readers to keep abreast of their activities and, more importantly, coordinate activities with them. Announcements of upcoming events, proposals for future projects, appeals for participation and assistance, breaking news, eyewitness reports and analysis, new texts, and drafts in progress will all appear here.

The convergence in Winona went fabulously, by far our best such effort since 2002. You can read about it on the aforementioned Bulletin Board.

Also, in honor of the third issue of Rolling Thunder being sent off to the printer, we’re leaking an article from it in advance: “The Irrepressible Anarchists,” a discussion of the latest wave of federal repression sweeping our communities and the most effective ways we can respond.