Requiem and Spectacle CDs Released, Combo Zine Again Available in Bulk


We’re thrilled to announce the availability of two of our favorite records we’ve ever released: the debut recording by the amazing Requiem, “Storm Heaven,” and the sophomore effort from those Norwegian maniacs in The Spectacle, “I, Fail.” Expectations were very high for both of these records, and we’re happy to report that expectations have been exceeded with vigor. (Holding these finished projects in my hand, I’m reminded of why we started doing all this in the first place—this music makes me want to stay alive. -Ed.) Click on the above links for more info and mp3 samples, and catch them together on their European tour, after which Requiem will be touring the US starting mid-October.

Also, after a long absence we’ve finally reprinted the DIY Guide 2/Walls Are Alive Combo Zine, and it is now available again in bulk. We’ve cut 12 pages from the DIY Guide that were covered in more depth in the cookbook, but the other 40 pages are still there, as well the complete The Walls Are Alive. The price, unfortunately, has to stay the same despite the fewer pages due to enormous increases in paper prices over the last year. The Combo Zines are also now included in the Literature Distro Kit.

A new pamphlet has been added to our downloads section containing the essays Forget Terrorism and After the Fall, ready for copy machines everywhere; we have also added the option of getting support for mailorder issues over IM; and no, we don’t know anything about this.