New Zegota 7”, New Material Online, Bookfairs and Conferences, And So Much More


We have a new 7” from Zegota, and it’s some of their best music ever! The first side is an unabashed street protest anthem entitled “Anarchist Cheerleader Song,” and the other a spine-tingling cover of the traditional spiritual “Sinner Man” á la Nina Simone. Like all their best material, these songs veer between catchy and haunting, remaining impassioned and frenetic throughout. Our condolences to those who missed Zegota on their US tour a month ago.

There’s a new article up in our features section, a preview from the forthcoming first issue of our wild-eyed adventurist periodical Rolling Thunder: it’s an extensive account and analysis of the past few years of militant demonstrations, aimed to sharpen the wits and tactics of the direct action movement in North America. Speaking of magazines, we now have a ‘zine-format PDF available of “Wasted, Indeed,” the anarchist indictment of alcohol that first appeared in the now out-of-print final issue of our hardcore journal, Inside Front. We also have a new poster in the downloads section: “Behind Our Masks, We Are You.”

We’ll have copies of that poster, among other incendiary (and mostly free!) materials, at our tables at the 10th Annual San Francisco Anarchist Book Fair on the 26th of this month. In early April, Requiem will play a few shows in the Midwest, including at the Global Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, on April 9. Contact them at and demand they play in your community.

We’re into the last fifth of the first printing of Recipes for Disaster, and will be reprinting it in late April, around the time the first issue of Rolling Thunder finally sees the light of day. Shortly thereafter, we’ll release a new full-length from Norway’s The Spectacle. More about this coming summer in the next update.

And finally, as you may have already noticed, we now have an RSS news feed, and a tiny WAP site, read more about these additions here.